About Code Raiders

Learn with real projects people care about

Code Raiders was recently started by a coder, Shaun.
He loves coding, but learn's best from working on exciting projects.

The fastest way to grow in programming.

Welcome to Code Raiders, the best place to learn and master the code that clients pay money for.

Our code repositories are not just code. They also come with documentation (which is already available to everyone to view regardless of having access to the code) and a video walkthrough showing how to navigate the repo. This way, you can have a full stack SAAS application not only working, but also understand it within minutes to an hour, rather than weeks.

You also get to learn from and contribute to our community by suggesting improvements, asking questions, and sharing your feedback. You will be amazed by how much you can learn and grow with Code Raiders.

A word from Shaun.

'I care about one thing really, having an idea that is unusual, finding hidden gems and exposing them for those who have left the world of hype and are looking for something more real. Rinse and repeat. Code Raiders connects strongly to the Crypto Wizards initiative which is an outlet for myself to put ideas into action, teaching others effectively along the way and sharing for those without the same level of experience.'