Terms of Use

XCHAIN ANALYTICS LTD trading as coderaiders.com Terms of Use.

Please note, when using Code Raiders services, you are agreeing to do so under proper use. Any malicious attempt of abusing our services may result in legal action and immediate termination. We do not authorise use of bots. Humans only please. Please respect and read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Remembers that we do not provide a guarantee on all code working. The nature of programming is that updates may occur and if notified, we will make effort to update code packages provided resource is available to do so.

If selling on the site and commissions are owed, these will be paid within 60 days of earning. Earnings can be calculated as a straight 50% of all sales on your products and where a referal link is provided, 97%. Refunds or returns will be netted against such payments and a full refund will result in zero commission being paid out for that given customer transaction.

Once code is made live at Code Raiders, it is the property of Code Raiders (XCHAIN ANALYTICS). Therefore, you may not withdraw or delete your code package if users have procured this. If no users have paid for your package, it may be withdrawn. Code Raiders reserves the right to remove any stale or non-performant code packages at their own discretion provided you are notified within 24 hours before doing so. Any malicious code or activity on the site will result in immediate code removal and site ban. We do not allow bad language, adult material or abuse of any kind to our platform, customers or staff. Any breach of this can equally be met with legal action in addition to content withdrawal and bans. Any commissions owed to a malicious or offending actor can and will likely be kept by Code Raiders. In summary, by using this site, you are agreeing to be respectful to our platform and customers.

Any affiliate links used must include notification in a clear form by the package owner.

You can contact us at admin@coderaiders.com for any questions.